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specialty chicken | 走地雞

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GÀ ĐI BỘ | pollo especial

This is the toy

For 30 years, our family has been providing fresh high-quality, all-natural, specialty Asian-style chicken to the Chinese and Vietnamese communities in Southern California.


Originally from Vietnam, my parents missed the chicken back from the farms of their old country. The chickens they grew up with had a great rustic flavor and meaty chew. To them, American chicken had no flavor and the texture was too soft and mushy.


After discovering others in the community felt the same way, my parents partnered up with a local farm and opened up their first specialty chicken shop in San Diego, CA called Wing Lee Poultry & Meat. It was a first of its kind and it was a hit! A few years later, they opened another store in Orange County and then a larger poultry company outside of Los Angeles.   


Our Wing Lee® Chickens are the result of years and years of searching for the best chickens that perfectly match the memories and flavors of the old country.  Our chickens are delicious, lean and resilient with real chicken flavor and bite you just can’t find anywhere else! 



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